Longwood Medical Area Apartments

If you want to rent a place near Longwood Medical Area, you’re far from alone. Also known as Longwood Medical and Academic Area, LMA or simply Longwood, the neighborhood is dominated by a vast medical campus that is populated by dozens of prestigious research and medical facilities. Stretching along Longwood Avenue from Huntington Avenue to just west of the Riverway, LMA is adjacent to Audubon Circle, Mission Hill, Fenway-Kenmore and Brookline. Institutions in this neighborhood receive more than $1 billion in NIH funding per year on average, and more than 2.6 million patients visit the area each year.

Longwood Medical

On a single day alone, in fact, approximately 110,800 people, including visitors, commuters and patients, flock to this part of the city. Additionally, around 13,200 new jobs are expected to be added to the LMA economy by the year 2030. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that rentals in this area are in extremely high demand. If you are looking for Longwood Medical Area apartments for rent, then, you’re going to need all of the assistance that you can get – and Boston City Properties is here to help.

Longwood Medical

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