Chestnut Hill Apartments

A small village that is bordered by Brookline, Boston and Newton, Chestnut Hill is a popular place to search for Brookline apartments for rent. Covered by the 02467 zip code, the village is home to Boston College, and part of the Boston Marathon route passes through it. Three branches of the Green Line stretch through the community, making it very popular with renters, and the 135-acre Chestnut Hill Reserve, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of this densely populated area.

If you are looking to rent an apartment in Chestnut Hill, understand that it will take time and effort to secure something that suits your needs and budget. The rental market here is highly competitive; vacancy rates are low, and rent prices are high. Attempting to find and rent a place here on your own is a surefire way to waste a lot of time, so make sure to connect with Boston City Properties first. That way, you can gain access to our searchable listings to check current availability for rentals in this village, and we can refer you to a local real estate agent whenever you are ready to proceed.

Chestnut Hill

In the meantime, however, it doesn’t hurt to get a feel for what to expect when it comes to Chestnut Hill apartments. Here are a few examples to get you started:

Now that you know a bit of the lay of the land, you should be able to kick-off your search for Chestnut Hill apartments without too much trouble. After zeroing in on places that meet your basic needs through our searchable database, contact Boston City Properties for a referral to a local real estate professional who can assist you further.