Brookline Village Apartments

Finding a suitable apartment to rent in Brookline’s popular Brookline Village neighborhood is easier said than done. Situated just north of Massachusetts Route 9 and just west of the Muddy River, this neighborhood is the historic center of town. Here, you will find important spots like the town hall and the public library. One of the biggest commercial areas in town, Washington Street, is also a registered historic district, and you can catch the Green Line at the Brookline Village MBTA station.

With so many amenities and features packed into a small area – along with close access to the Green Line – it’s little wonder that many people zero in on Brookline Village when looking for a place to rent. Like the rest of the town and metro region, however, vacancy rates tend to be very low, and rental prices tend to be on the higher end of the scale. Navigating the rental market here can be very tricky, so it helps enormously to have the right help. Boston City Properties is here to provide it. We’ll give you free, immediate access to our searchable database of MA rental listings so you can check current availability in a snap, and we can also refer you to a skilled local real estate agent who can assist you further.

In the meantime, here are a few popular options to consider when kick-starting your search for Brookline Village apartments:

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