Three-Bedroom Apartments

Locating an apartment to rent in the Boston area is an uphill battle, and that’s just as true in Brookline as in anywhere else. Finding a one- or two-bedroom place is one thing; finding a three-bedroom apartment, however, is something else entirely. Although many apartment developments have three-bedroom units, they usually only offer a small percentage of them. As a result, the pickings for these types of rentals are even slimmer than for many others. You are unlike to have much luck trying to find what you need on your own. Luckily, Boston City Properties is here to help.

You can kick-start your search for the right three-bedroom rental in this town by signing up for access to Boston City Properties’ huge online database of searchable MA rental and real estate listings. Once you are in, you can use our amazing search tool to pinpoint apartments that meet your precise criteria. First, you can select Brookline as your search area; you can also search by zip code. Next, you can input your preferences for things like size, total beds and baths and price. Therefore, in just a few seconds, you can have a list of three-bedroom rentals that are currently available in your selected area and be well on your way to finding your new home.

Although the jump in price from a one-bedroom unit to a two-bedroom apartment isn’t usually staggering, the jump in price from a two-bedroom apartment to a three-bedroom one can be pretty dramatic. That is probably just one of many reasons that many developments do not even offer three-bedroom units. Since you will be paying higher rent, you will also have to pay more upfront to get into the place. Expect to pay first and last month’s rent and a security deposit, which is typically equal to one month’s rent. You will likely also pay a broker’s fee, which is also usually in line with one month’s rent.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to rent a three-bedroom apartment in Brookline, it’s important to go into the process as informed and educated as possible. It is also crucial to enlist the right help and to have access to reliable resources. Kill both birds with one stone by connecting with Boston City Properties. You can search our listings any time for up-to-the-second availability for these types of rentals. When you are ready to go look at some of the options in person, call us up for a referral to a local real estate agent who can take you around and guide you through the process. Call Boston City Properties today for more information.