Finding Brookline Apartments for Rent for September 1

Finding a suitable place to rent in a hectic and competitive rental market like Brookline’s is a challenge in and of itself. If you, like many others, need to find a place to start renting on September 1st, you face even more of an uphill battle. According to reports, nearly 64 percent of annual rental turnovers in the Boston area happen on September 1st of each year, which largely has to do with the heavy influence that institutes of higher learning have on the region.

The first thing to know when looking to rent a 9/1 apartment in this city is to begin your search as early as possible. The top month for rental searches in the area is April; May and June are also popular times for people to start looking. However, if you need a place to move into on the first of September, you will probably want to start your search near the beginning of the year. Not only will there be more availability, but you are likely to find better rental rates as well. Indeed, rental rates tend to be 15 percent higher in July on average than they are in February.

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when hunting for an apartment to rent in the beginning of September in Brookline:

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