Brookline Apartments for Rent

Before starting your search for an apartment to rent in Brookline, MA, it helps to know the lay of the land a bit. In particular, you should familiarize yourself with the local rental market and with some of the most popular apartment buildings and developments. You should also know from the outset that you will be facing a bit of an uphill battle securing a place that suits your budget and needs. The rental market here has long been highly competitive, and vacancy rates are perpetually low. Luckily, Boston City Properties is here to get you up to speed.

As a whole, apartment rents across Brookline are on the higher end of the average for the area. For example, the typical studio apartment here currently costs a median rent of $1,600 per month. For a one-bedroom apartment in this area, you are looking at a median rent of $2,100 per month. Two-bedroom apartments here, among the highest in demand, have a median rent of around $2,800. Three-bedroom units, meanwhile, have a median rent of $3,500 per month. Although much scarcer, four-bedroom apartments cost around $4,200 per month while five-bedroom units have a median rent of roughly $4,900 per month.

Prices often vary across the town based on neighborhood as well. A quick look at the median rental price for two-bedroom apartments in various parts of town paints an interesting picture. Across Brookline as a whole, for example, the median rent for a two-bedroom is around $2,800. Coolidge Corner adheres most closely to the average, with apartments there renting for a median price of $2,807 per month. Over in Chestnut Hill, on the other hand, the median monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment is around $3,050. Two-bedroom units near Boston University have a median rent of $3,100 per month or so.

Of course, the affordability of rent is just one issue when it comes to securing a suitable apartment in this area. The other problem is that vacancy and availability rates continue to be low, which means that it can take a long time to find something that comes close to what you need. Across Brookline as a whole, the vacancy rate has hovered around 0.83 percent, and the availability rate is a scant 1.15 percent. Chestnut Hill offers more options, with a vacancy rate of 2.95 percent and an availability rate of 1.14 percent. Coolidge Corner appears to have more options too; there, the availability rate is around 1.08 percent. Near Boston University, the availability rate is 1.14 percent, and North Brookline’s is 3.57 percent – the highest in the area. Still, the most popular neighborhoods have scant availability, with Brookline Village at 0.31 percent; Cleveland Circle at 0.35 percent; and Washington Square at 0.96 percent.

Many factors come together to make rentals expensive and hard to come by in Brookline. Its proximity to so many colleges and universities means that students and staff are constantly looking for apartments. There’s also the fact that the turnover rate for many apartments here is low, which means that many professionals snag apartments and then hold onto them for years.

If you are serious about renting a Brookline apartment, you’re going to need all of the help that you can get. Boston City Properties is here to provide it. We’ll give you free, instant access to our searchable MA rental listings as soon as you sign up; that way, you can check current availability in a snap. We can also refer you to a local Brookline real estate expert who can assist you further. For more information, contact Boston City Properties today.